Litan Bhowmik - Testimonial



Litan Bhowmik is a renowned motivational speaker and corporate trainer. He is an expert trainer of communication skill and conflict and behaviour management. He has a unique style of understanding human personality and inspiring creativity and innovation. His messages are powerful and that can change life and bring happiness and so on. I have been fortunate enough to be associated with him for last three years.  Attending his talks has been a pure intellectual joy personally I have experienced a positive feeling to do something useful.  My teachers and Students at Good Shepherd Hr. Sec. School, Jongksha, Meghalaya State were very much appreciative of his talks and I have seen a positive difference in their behaviour.  I am very much fascinated by his idea that everyone has a pontentiel to excell.  I wish him all the very best in his undertakings.
Fr. George Jacob, CSC
Good Shepherd Hr. Sec. School


When I was marked as senior citizen, retired ...and people around suggest me to be slow and to take a U turn to my home, to opt a sedentary routine, Litan Bhowmik came in my life and started to say ‘you think, you plan, people of your profession and beyond needs your expertise, experience ....” .  His charm of encouragement has changed my life so much so that I surprise sometimes, how I have started my second innings of life to pursue my ever cherishing dreams and thoughts.

  Litan Bhowmik is a specialist in speaking industry and his curriculum contains adding value in life, personal development, positive thinking and so and so forth. He, not only gives lectures on these subjects but strongly believes on human potential which can change a nation. The commitment is so strong, with wife and two little kids Litan Bhowmik left his settled life, comfort, so called bright future... in western country and has been dreaming to establish his thoughts and beliefs in his native country India. I feel honoured to be associated to such an innovative personality, and wish his all success in proving himself important in making different India in near future.


Prof. Dr. Subrata Sarkar
Ex Principal of R.G Kar Nursing College, 
Kolkata, West Benga and an Author


It's my immense pleasure to speak a few words about the little sized Litan Bhowmik of my state Tripura. I once attended his educational workshop. He is a living volcano. His method of teaching and expression is unique. I took it as an opportunity to express my sincere and affectionate view before he goes far away from our reach. I feel he believes nothing but the best. I wish him all the best.

Dr. Dilip Kumar Das
Associate Professor,
Tripura Medical College


"Sir I have had chance to listen you for two times…. I got surprised to hear the way you talk, the passion you pour, the subject you deal. Your interactive talk is inspirational, motivating and full of insight. You have deep knowledge of life, human mind and emotion that make listener feel touched deeply. Thanks  a lot sir!"   

I am very happy to be connected with person like you!

With Thanks & Regards,
Vishvanath Singh, 
SRF,  Hindi Editorial Unit, DKMA,
Pusa, KAB-1, ICAR, New Delhi-110 012


"It was really a great pleasure for me to be a member of the team/group where you delivered one of your MOTIVATIONAL LECTURE. In fact your lecture was a real piece of BRAVERY & BOLDNESS  to talk against the existing faulty systems in India. Looking forward for more of such kinds."

N. Anita Devi
Plant Protection Officer (Plant Pathology)
CIPMC Shillong
Dirctrte of Plant Protection Quarantine & Storage
Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India


"It is interesting to learn that such an institution and an excellent trainer is based at Agartala and serving the human resource development need of the state. Best wishes’,"

Dr. K. Sasi Kumar, IFS,
Additional Secretary (Forests),
Govt. of Tripura

"The skills for which this institution stands for are required for one and all. We should welcome one such institution in our state’,
Er. P. Sarkar Banerjee,
Chief Inspector,
Factories and Boilers Organisation
Govt. of Tripura

"Sir, you have changed my way of thinking and I am looking forward to more of the good stuffs you deliver.’,
Dipankar Shekhar Roy Mirdha,
Financial Advisor

"Thank you sir for transforming my life’,
Arup Gosh, Financial Advisor

"I am very grateful to you. I have never seen a unique person like you.’
Suman Saha, Financial Advisor

"This one of an excellent seminar in my life and from this moment I know the value of my life. I pray to almighty God for long life of Shri Bhowmik.’,
Pradip Kumar Pand (Odisha), NB/Sub(CK) ,Department of Home, TSR


 "It is very impressive and motivational session on Leadeship Skill and Team Building.’

Subhra Shil,
Subject matter specialist,
KVK, West Tripura,