Litan Bhowmik - Litan Bhowmik

Litan Bhowmik is a much sought after corporate trainer and motivational speaker. He is a resourceful professional with an enriched academic career. He has completed his higher education from UK and India.He is a very dynamic personality with profound understanding of Human Resource development steps and strategies. His influential personality and highly effective training materials have benefited employees of several national and multinational organisations. His trainees and clients have been enjoying success in their personal and professional life. He is a popular speaker and trainer among the student and teacher community, sales people, employees of public and private organisations.

Litan Bhowmik is an expert trainer of personal development, job interview and campus interview preparation. He has trained several hundred candidates to face viva voce and personality test in civil service job interview and campus interview.

In over 2 years he has trained more than 1000 people under open entry courses and workshops.  He is running a campaign called ‘You Are Stronger Than Your Problems’ to talk to young minds and professionals to ignite their creative force and power of imagination. In less than 1 year more than 20,000 people have attended his seminars across India.

His clients are Central Agricultural University, ICAR, College of Post Graduate Study, DDRC, LICI, Indian Army, NIT, UCO Bank, Reliance Insurance, Teacher’s Education and Training Institute, T-SAMTI and Centre for Forest Based Livelihood and many more.

As a trainer he is dedicated to enhancing performance and productivity of his clients and trainees. He has world class training materials on personality development, communication skill, presentation skill, sales and marketing skills, confidence building, leadership management, relationship management, team building and team management, interpersonal skill, conflict and behaviour management. He is an expert trainer of any soft skill.

He is an electrifying motivational speaker with high energy message, logical steps and techniques and detailed case studies. One hour with him then rest of the life on the track.